Saturday, 20 September 2014

MY photo : nature

Good day people, today will be another day for portrait post.
Theme for the portrait of the day will be Nature.
It is a simple theme the wonder around the nature. 
Simple theme but hope to delivery it in a unique way.
Model of the day, is Jia Xin, a beautiful lady.
This is the first time we collaborate together and 
it did not went very well due to rain and some slip but 
the day did turn out fine after the rain stop and we did get the job done.
Anyway,the entire photoshoot was done with Fuji X-E1 
along with Fujinon XF18-55 and Helios 58mm f 2.0 and Yonh Nuo 560 mark iii.

That is all for this post.
Hope you all like it, From this Photoshoot
I would like to say, Helios did not fail me, 
is a very awesome lens.
Good day.

Anyway,interested for collaboration, do drop me an email at
or drop me a message at my FB page :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Stories from the streets : Victoria and Armenian project 2014 with

bursting the bubble

Every year, Penang will celebrate heritage and cultural month and 
this August was the heritage month for 2014. Post of the day will be about 
the Victoria and Armenian project 2014 which held during the the heritage month.
There are all sort of program available for that day from early morning till 11 at night.
This is a very interesting and fun event that is suitable for everyone from young to old.
Anyway, I was there to enjoy the performance and also capture some streets photo
and hope fully can captured some happy and beautiful moment along the event.
Anyway, this set of photos was shot with Fuji X-E1 with Super Takumar 50mm 1.4 
and  Fujinon XF 18 - 55 and majority of time, I am using the Fuji X-E1 with Super Takumar combo.
Hence, majority of the time, I am also using full manual focus.
Manual focus can be very fast during operation because it can allow us change the focus point easily.
Your focus point will be entirely rely on you left hand while your right hand make the click.
Of course, to is not easy to nail the focus especially when you are shooting at f1.4 but I believe
when you are entirely used to it, is should be quite fast and easy.
With all that being said, it is still hard to nail the focus on running kids or excited kids,
Still, it is not impossible, just need to figure out some way of doing it :)
Anyway, enjoy the photos.

great blow

Bubble of happiness

delicate touch

So that is all for this post.
It is a really interesting event and it was very smooth and successful. 
The performance are also very nice and interesting. 
for those who miss this year, come again next year.
I believe it will be bigger and better.
That is all for this post, Good day ahead.

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