Sunday, 26 October 2014

MY photo : Hair Show in Time Square Penang

Hair piece inspired from shark

Went to a hair competition yesterday have some shoot at the model along with their interesting and creative hair piece. The creativity that was shown by the hair stylish was amazing.
So I captured some of the interesting hair piece that was created from the hair.
For this event, I do not have the opportunity to set up my flash and umbrella since I am not the event photographer but I still want to bring out that studio style photo shoot. 
 So, I make a one flash photo shoot and it will be a very spontaneous.
Basically, I use one flash to manipulate the lighting on the model and is actually a challenges
because you need to get the lighting right instantly because they are all busy running around for the event.
In fast I do repeat the shoot for some of the models but only second trail.
Secondly, you also need to gel together with the ambient light that is not very helpful due to its light color.
Anyway, this is quite challenging but I think is good because you will know how much you understand 
about lighting  and learn along the process. Anyway, Enjoy.

That is all for this photowalk.
Suddenly, I have a thought. I used to say I am natural light shooter.
Now, I just cannot take a portrait without a flash.
Anyway, natural light or speed light, is all about light.
As long as you know how to use the light properly,
the output should be great. :)

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