Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Good day. Most of my photoshoot are only made up of only one model but this time I would like to try to create something with more then one person. So this photoshoot will comprise of two models which is also a guy and a girl. Photoshoot between a guy and a girl are mostly sweet and happy and couple but I wish to make something different. So, let add some drama into it.
Other then that, I also would like to add in some element of mystery into the photoshoot.
In addition of that, instead of lovey dovey, let add in some fight.
Let them fight and see some girl power.
To make things interesting, lets add in a little seduction and sexiness. I get inspiration for this photoshoot from movies like Mr and Mrs Smith.
The feel of two awesome looking assassin loving each other and killing each other is definitely something I am going for. 
This photoshoot will be a cinematic style photo. Other then that, 
I would also add in some fashion flair into it. 
For this photoshoot, the models of the day will be Jackson and Evelyn.
They are definitely awesome model and great to work with.
The pose in this photoshoot are definitely not as easy and cooperation is definitely important.
Other then that, We are also lucky to have Melody as our make up artist of the day.
The entire photoshoot is done in Georgetown, Penang.
Gear used for the photoshoot is Fuji X-E1 with Fujinon 35mm 1.4 and some shot with Fujinon 23mm 1.4. lighting are made from Yong Nuo flashes.
Now, let enjoy the shoot :)

Bonus : Watch ads photo,haha 

Bonus : Beauty shot

So that is all for this photoshoot.
I hope you would feel the mystery and the fighting scene.
Stay tune for more :)


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