Saturday, 23 July 2016

Burning Red : a dramatic colour photoshoot

Damaged ; Recovered

Presenting a fashion style photoshoot with colour play and dramatic lighting.
Another simple photoshoot with my lovely GF with dark fashion theme.
Black dress as main colour for the dark feel and red as colour effect to elevate the feel of burning flame. Photoshoot shot with Fuji X Pro 2 and Fujinon XF 56 1.2 along with multiple flash and modifier.

Stay tune for more :)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Golden light : Indoor photoshoot with X Pro 2

A simple photoshoot with my lovely GF as model. The theme of Golden light.
The photoshoot is done with Fuji X Pro 2 and Fujinon 56mm 1.2
along with two flash with yellow gelled.
In addition with a black back drop for strong portrait and a golden yellow kind of Backdrop
as idea to simulate a feeling of dessert.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Dramatic Cross Colour fashion style photoshoot with X Pro 2

This will be among my first few portrait photoshoot session with my new X Pro 2 so it is rather exciting. Photoshoot of the day will be more on fashion style and colour play.
This photoshoot is inspired by the movie of Mad Max with extreme colour play especially on night scene. The extreme colour definitely are pushing the dramatic feel of the scene much more daring environment and this will be the idea. Another inspiration will be from an awesome photographer, Jake Hicks which create really awesome work from integrating dramatic colour and gel lighting into the fashion style portrait. How he create dramatic expression and colour from her awesome model are beautiful. Model of the day is Debra. This is the first time we work together but she was an awesome model to work with and of course feeling tired along the entire photoshoot. Also not to forget a great makeup artist Melody that create magic on that day to make the photoshoot even more dramatic and powerful. This is definitely an awesome team to bring out the best of everyone in the shoot.
So, let put some colour into the shoot and make it glow...
The gear talk will be at the end :)

Melody too

Gear Talk :
This photoshoot is shot with Fuji X-Pro 2 and 23mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.2 along with set of Yong Nuo flashes and colour gel. X Pro 2 do provide the advantages of 1/250 sync speed since most of the flash is lit with Flash. Most of the shot is also shot at iso 100 which is the lowest ISO we can get in X Pro 2 but the difference compare to X-E1 will be the ISO 100 will have Raw file instead of only JPEG.
That is very nice of X-Pro 2. The AF speed wont make much difference here since there are not much moving but from the shoot. Anyway it get the job done in a very nice way.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Night time streets photo with Fujifilm X-E1 | Are the Older generation of Fujifilm X series irrelavant?

The post will be some streets photo that was captured at night during the annual Chinese New year event in Penang. This was captured quite sometime back but the photo still remain very relevant because my streets photo us never about live reporting but recording of the event and story in the streets to allow if to stay forever. It is also to share some of my view on the streets which I am in and share the feeling, atmosphere idea and visual of what is feel like. The best is it make you feel,and think as if you were there or you want to be there. Anyway enjoy this series of stories from the streets at night for Chinese New Year Event. There is a Gear talk will be at the end of the series :)

Gear Talk:
This series of photo is captured using X-E1 with Fujinon lens such as 10-24mm,23mm and 56mm.
From this series, the night shot seem pretty good and able to handle things quite well. This was shot before the announcement of Fuji X Pro 2. Now that I have the Fuji X Pro 2. Does this make the Fuji X-E1 or the first generation of Fujifilm mirrorless irrelevant? Well, from the result of this series, I think NO. Fujifilm X-E1 is older, slower, less megapixel but I believe this result of the photos still show that the OLD boy is very must capable of getting the job done. I have been even more awesome work in the Net using this old boy. Since the beginning, the image Quality of Fuji X-E1 is always pretty much a benchmark in mirrorless camera. In addition of that, let's hope Fujifilm continue to support the old X series generation with their Kaizen philosophy. This is actually good for Fujifilm sales since they can further improve their share market in mirrorless market without introducing any new camera. They can attract more new user, expand the market and continue to milk from their old product since Kaizen is like putting more steroid on old camera to make it more powerful and able to sell it at lower price since already over the product maturity stage. This also include the second hand  market where the new user will continue to buy more awesome Fujinon Lens. So as conclusion for now is Fuji X-E1 or any older generation X series is definitely still relevant and probably a good time to get a used X-E1 and X-E2 ( Since X-E2 is pretty much X-E1 on speed pill so it will improve the usability) for awesome pricing and usability. Good Day.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hit the streets with X Pro 2, Snake, Dragon and Peoples.

Hello everyone.Is has been awhile since my last update but now I am back and today I am back with a new toy, the internet fame Fujifilm X Pro 2. Fujifilm X Pro 2 finally arrive after the long wait. I am using X-E1 all the while and I skip Fujifilm XT1 because I think the sensor is the same and the changes is not big enough. I know I might be wrong. Anyway, I choose to invest more into the lens system instead while waiting for the next release. Finally, Fujifilm release the heavily leak X Pro 2 but during the announcement of the specs, I felt that X Pro 2 was rather expensive for what it offer compare to other announcement on the date. However, since I was quite heavily invested into Fujifilm system and had waited this new announcement for quite sometime, I pull the trigger and land the new toy into my arsenal. So this will be my first post with X Pro 2. This post however will not be a technical review of X Pro 2 but just the sharing of my enjoyment and idea when using X Pro 2 in my first streets session. As a long time Fujifilm X-E1 user, first thing I would test is definitely the Autofocus speed. I am quite satisfy with my experience on using the X-E1 but the autofocus speed is one thing I always complain.This include the operational speed and everything regarding speed. So once I got X Pro 2, I tested it with Fujinon XC 50-230 in the camera store and I am quite satisfy with the result. It was not my lens so I do not really know how fast it was previously. So next I tested with my own lens and as far as normal test, it was pretty good but that is not really a real condition test. So I bring the new toy and hit the streets. I was using Fujinon 56mm 1.2 and Fujinon 23mm 1.4 along the street session and from the streets session I would say, the autofocus speed is definitely faster comparing with XE1. Maybe the different is not big between XT1 and X Pro 2 but the different between X-E1 and X-Pro 2 is very significant. At this point, I think the AF speed is actually limited by the lens motor instead of the camera. I guess we just need to buy the latest lens. Anyway, not only the AF speed is faster,the operational speed is also smooth and this is definitely good for fast pace event such as a wedding so I am definitely happy with the improvement in the speed with X Pro 2 for now. I also tested the continuous auto focus and it definitely work much better comparing to X-E1. It probably not the best but it can definitely get the job done. However I still need to learn how it work to further understand how to make it better since this feature is rather new for me.With all the boost in the speed, I finally understand what it mean by Fujifilm X-E1 and X Pro 1 slow AF speed will slow down the process and make you think before click because I tend to snap more due boost in speed. However it might not be a bad thing, just need to control and do not end up to perform all spray and pray technique. So it is definitely positive thing for the boost in the speed of X Pro 2.

 Rise of the Snake.
This photo was captured with X Pro and 56mm. The ability to track the head of the snake from the bottom until the snake raise up to the sky is very impressive for me. Using 56mm on X-E1 will definitely allow me to capture this frame. The AF will not be the fastest in the world but I feel that the AF is now restricted by the lens AF motor instead of the camera. Probably there will be some lens that will autofocus much faster. But to be clear, the AF is pretty good and I am very happy about it so far.

Next thing I issue I felt along the streets session will be the ISO dial. To be honest, I do not really like the ISO dial. It is nice to have and beautifully implemented but I felt the way of using it is a little bit troublesome. If we were to snap in one environment, is probably alright but if we are shooting event with dramatic changes in environment, it might be quite troublesome. Sometime we might accidentally change the Shutter speed when we trying to change the ISO. So, I really hope Fuji will allow us to set the H in ISO to function like the T in shutter speed dial where we can change the ISO using the command dial instead. That would be great.

Next point I would like to share along my usage in the streets shoot will be with the viewfinder. One of the biggest highlight of X Pro 2 will be the beautiful Hybrid OVF and the digital Rangefinder feature. It is a very complex viewfinder yet implemented beautifully. Using the OVF is definitely one pleasant experience and interesting process. However, if I were to shoot event, I would prefer to use the EVF. The EVF in X Pro 2 is certainly not the best but it is pretty good. It is a little small though. I know XT series might be better choice for EVF but we just wait for that to come first. However that is not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is coming from the activation of the EVF. I set the view mode to be activated by the sensor. So when i drop the camera, it will be the LCD but when the sensor is activated, it will be EVF. The problem is when I lift the camera to use the viewfinder. the EVF will be activated and there will be some movement to close the viewfinder but the motion to close the viewfinder is not immediate. So there will be a moment where the viewfinder is not ready and that will be the time I lose the moment I wanted to capture. The only way I found to make the EVF always ready is to make the view mode to operate in EVF only which I am still not used to it. If there are any other way, please do inform me :)

Once we talk about Mirrorless, battery life will be always the problem for now. Battery consumption for X-E1 is pretty high so the battery do drain much faster then DSLR but X Pro 2 further increase the battery consumption. The battery is now drain by much hungrier beast so the battery drain out much more faster compare to Fuji X-E1. X Pro 2 eat battery power like kids eating chocolate ice cream. Anyway I already have 4 + 2 new battery so I hope it will be enough.

Lastly, after using X Pro 2 for a few session, I do feel it is quite buggy. Especially after I went to the net and make a search, I realise there are so much more bug available inside. So, apparently I am now the beta tester. Anyway I already do know I will be the beta tester cost due to my impatient and unable to resist to the sexy X Pro 2. I did not experience every single problem available such as reset issue that a lot of other X user experience. However, I experience camera freeze issue. I saw some user experience camera freeze when they trying to set up Wifi but that was not my case. Mine just freeze even for a playback.  It just freeze and unable to turn off, the only way to turn off is to remove the battery. Well, thanks god at least I can still remove the battery. ( I video it after experiencing it for countless time,  feel free to have a look at it and hope Fuji know this issue and provide a real solution. Click here to link to the video. ) Anyway, I experience it along my product shoot session. Did I push the camera too much?I hope that is not the case though. It is quite disappointed especially when we paid quite a hefty cash for it. Anyway, I heard Fujifilm is responding to all this issue found on the web and coming up with a new firmware soon. So now let wait to see if Fujifilm live up their Kaizen philosophy and make us the X user satisfy.

As conclusion, my experience with X Pro 2 is definitely a love hate feeling. I love how fast the camera is feeling right now and operational smooth and how sexy it look but of course there are some bug that is bugging my experience with it. Hope Fujifilm is listening and further improve this camera though Kaizen. Most of the issue can be improve through firmware to further enhance the experience of using X Pro 2.However in this post, I talk mostly on the experience on using this camera and did address much about the IQ or the image quality as I felt that the image quality from X Pro 2 it is very Fuji like which has Fuji style image,colour and ISO which is awesome. Furthermore, I need session and shoot under difficult condition to really push and test the limit of X Pro 2 IQ. Good day.

Happen to meet this girl with her Dragon( The dragon name is Numboi )


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