Tuesday, 25 December 2012

stories from the streets #8 : Last minute shopping

What can be better then everyone getting together at shopping place for last minute shopping.
That is totally the colour of celebration.
Merry Christmas people!!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Stories from the streets #7: along the memory lane

Zaanse Schan,Netherlands
" When it come to memory, be selective and unfair,
abandon the unpleasent  path you had taken but 
remember the great journey that you had traveled "

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Stories from the streets #5 : Sky is our limit

Sky is our limit

Stay believe and we they will soar up high.
A Moment where nature are being appreciate together.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

MY Photo : Portrait shot, Linda


stories from the streets #4 : recording the joy

Recording the joy

Today is the first of December and everyone seem to be very happy about it...me too,haha
The end is getting nearer??hmm...who care,let enjoy the time being disregard the world is coming to and end or not...and make sure to record it :)
Happy December. CheerSSS!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

stories from the street #3 : snow man

Hello everyone and how are you?
Today we will hit the streets of St.Gallen,Switzerland : )

Snow man

Heard that there will be snowing in St.Gallen tomorrow.
This totally remind me of my first snow which just saw for few hour then went to travel.
Let's do some flash back to my first snow.
Get prepare and enjoy !!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stories from the streets #2 : In the Bin

Hello everyone, today stories from the street will featuring the streets of Salzburg,Austria : )

In The Bin

This is a photo of a lady standing inside a rubbish bin which surprised me,
I think she is promoting from something.
Anyway she seem really enjoying it ...Good Luck on whatever she promoting
This might be one idea you can you next time,cheap,easy and catchy : )

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ex off island #11 : Antwerpen of Belgium

Sunset in Antwerpen

Stories from the Streets #1 : The beginning of the story from the street

Story From the Street will be mainly about a single shot of Street Photography that will have great stories or idea behind it. It will mostly be a street photography shot and mostly will be one photo only.
It can maybe be a form of food for thought,daily inspiration or even a funny shot as Streets often have a lot of stories occurring but often being unnoticed.
Hence, I wish to share the story that I notice and hope you will enjoy it. :)
Today Story from the street will be:

Angry indicator
I felt that the lady here fell angry due to her eye shape but also the red signal beside as red often say, stop,stay off me...
(Description are written with no offense by any mean : )

Today is suppose to be black friday after thanksgiving so enjoy your holiday hope you wont have any red indicator with you.
Have a great day : )

Monday, 1 October 2012

Ex off island#2: New boy in the town

Hello St.Gallen, I am here in the town.
After around 1 hour of train ride i finally reach St.Gallen and the surrounding of St.Gallen is totally different compare to Malaysia. Even the train ride itself is different compare to the one in Kuala Lumpur. First of all, the train is a double-decker so there will be more seat available. Then, the train station is cleaner and colder (the overall weather is colder compare to Malaysia).
 Good job SBB!! 
(SBB = swiss train provider)

Swiss....Ice cream

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ex off island #1: Every arrival begin with a departure

Ex off island series will be a series about MY view along my exchange program to Switzerland.
Basically i did and exchange to Switzerland through University Sains Malaysia International office.  I am very grateful for this opportunity as i believe this is a form of life time opportunity for me.

Switzerland flag

Not too embarrassed to say, this is actually my second time i leave Malaysia  to other country and the first one will be to Singapore ( a successful trip thanks to Brandon ).So this time, my departure from Penang ( off island ) will be my arrival to Switzerland, the motherland of Roger Federer.

As i said in the beginning, Ex off island series will be about MY view along my exchange life in Switzerland and also toward the Europe. I will appreciate this opportunity to explore Europe as much as I can to increase my exposure and also experience the life as a student in Switzerland.

Waiting for the plane to Singapore in Penang airport. Penang airport is still under renovation.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Penang kia series#1: "colour of faith"

This will be the view of the faithful people in Penang. this set of photo which i snap previously is about the Indian prayers. Here we can see how strong faith is and how faithful the devotee it. lets enjoy one of the colourful culture of Penang.

Faithful Devoter
This photo show an indian ladies performing the facial piercing as a devotion to her faith.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Penang Kia series #0 : PilotRun

Hello everyone.This will be a continuous blog about my view around Penang as a
 "Penang eh Gina" (Penang Boy) hoping everyone can share how i see this awesome island.
it will be known as Penang kia Series (Penang Boy series). Here, we will show the beauty of this island from building to people, food to accommodation, house to hotel , street to landscape and so on on on and on.........
Let begin the Pilot run with some shot on my penang walk about.enjoy the pearl of the orient from the Penang kia.

The natural shine
Photo at strait Quay under the great sun shining on the lamp

My first time

My first time

I am here to share my view toward what happen around through photography and also words. I am not a pro-photographer neither am i a writer. The thing i share is just my the view from my perspective and comment from my point of view with no personal offense. Since this is my first blog, nothing to talk about but i would like to share my photo I have shot previously. Comment will be much welcome for me to improve anything in my blog. Enjoy!!



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