Saturday, 25 August 2012

Penang kia series#1: "colour of faith"

This will be the view of the faithful people in Penang. this set of photo which i snap previously is about the Indian prayers. Here we can see how strong faith is and how faithful the devotee it. lets enjoy one of the colourful culture of Penang.

Faithful Devoter
This photo show an indian ladies performing the facial piercing as a devotion to her faith.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Penang Kia series #0 : PilotRun

Hello everyone.This will be a continuous blog about my view around Penang as a
 "Penang eh Gina" (Penang Boy) hoping everyone can share how i see this awesome island.
it will be known as Penang kia Series (Penang Boy series). Here, we will show the beauty of this island from building to people, food to accommodation, house to hotel , street to landscape and so on on on and on.........
Let begin the Pilot run with some shot on my penang walk about.enjoy the pearl of the orient from the Penang kia.

The natural shine
Photo at strait Quay under the great sun shining on the lamp

My first time

My first time

I am here to share my view toward what happen around through photography and also words. I am not a pro-photographer neither am i a writer. The thing i share is just my the view from my perspective and comment from my point of view with no personal offense. Since this is my first blog, nothing to talk about but i would like to share my photo I have shot previously. Comment will be much welcome for me to improve anything in my blog. Enjoy!!



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