Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ex off island #1: Every arrival begin with a departure

Ex off island series will be a series about MY view along my exchange program to Switzerland.
Basically i did and exchange to Switzerland through University Sains Malaysia International office.  I am very grateful for this opportunity as i believe this is a form of life time opportunity for me.

Switzerland flag

Not too embarrassed to say, this is actually my second time i leave Malaysia  to other country and the first one will be to Singapore ( a successful trip thanks to Brandon ).So this time, my departure from Penang ( off island ) will be my arrival to Switzerland, the motherland of Roger Federer.

As i said in the beginning, Ex off island series will be about MY view along my exchange life in Switzerland and also toward the Europe. I will appreciate this opportunity to explore Europe as much as I can to increase my exposure and also experience the life as a student in Switzerland.

Waiting for the plane to Singapore in Penang airport. Penang airport is still under renovation.


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