Wednesday, 28 November 2012

stories from the street #3 : snow man

Hello everyone and how are you?
Today we will hit the streets of St.Gallen,Switzerland : )

Snow man

Heard that there will be snowing in St.Gallen tomorrow.
This totally remind me of my first snow which just saw for few hour then went to travel.
Let's do some flash back to my first snow.
Get prepare and enjoy !!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stories from the streets #2 : In the Bin

Hello everyone, today stories from the street will featuring the streets of Salzburg,Austria : )

In The Bin

This is a photo of a lady standing inside a rubbish bin which surprised me,
I think she is promoting from something.
Anyway she seem really enjoying it ...Good Luck on whatever she promoting
This might be one idea you can you next time,cheap,easy and catchy : )

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Ex off island #11 : Antwerpen of Belgium

Sunset in Antwerpen

Stories from the Streets #1 : The beginning of the story from the street

Story From the Street will be mainly about a single shot of Street Photography that will have great stories or idea behind it. It will mostly be a street photography shot and mostly will be one photo only.
It can maybe be a form of food for thought,daily inspiration or even a funny shot as Streets often have a lot of stories occurring but often being unnoticed.
Hence, I wish to share the story that I notice and hope you will enjoy it. :)
Today Story from the street will be:

Angry indicator
I felt that the lady here fell angry due to her eye shape but also the red signal beside as red often say, stop,stay off me...
(Description are written with no offense by any mean : )

Today is suppose to be black friday after thanksgiving so enjoy your holiday hope you wont have any red indicator with you.
Have a great day : )


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