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Ex off island #7: the land of crystal and music

Inssbruck, Austria

Austria will be the destination for today.
This post will be about the trip to Innsbruck and Salzburg of Austria.
This time,we go cars...never expect i still have a chance to travel by car in Swiss.
Anyway we did and it was really different. In the beginning, it can be a little scary for people who drive on left lane as here,they travel on right lane.
Anyway i have to thanks JiaYan for making this happen as she is the one that invite me. Thank you!!
Non of us own a car so we rent a car and drove there.
The view along the way was beautiful.
Since we are in Swiss, the view of beautiful alps is always there.. they are really nice.
aside from very nice view, we also saw went through a lot of tunnel and it is really really long. and it is not really fun. Some how,we have to go through
Innsbruck will be the first destination.


From my point of view, Innsbruck is a nice and peaceful place. 
It can be quite empty at some point but don't get me wrong, Innsbruck is a very suitable place to relax.
We went to the Imperial Palace(Hofburg) and it is really nice in the inside.
I am not allow to snap any photo but inside is filled with beautiful painting and also impressive architecture design and wall painting.It also have some information about the history of Innsbruck.
Next, I would like to share about the land of crystal which is the Swarovski Kristallwelten aka the world of crystal of Swarovski.
 Swarovski is the company that sell crystal and luxury product and Kristalwalten is the head quarter for Swarovski.
Inside the Krislwalten,there is a museum about Crystal
 and also a place where you can buy Swarovski products.
Some how we had hard time searching for it as it is not located in the center of Innsbruck but in Watten which is like 30-45 min away from Innsbruck.

crystal skull

So when we reach there, the museum is already closed but we can still shop for the product....well,
there is always more time allocated for making money ;)

The place very nicely decorated that will make feel serene.
The decoration of the shop will make you feel like you have found a cave full of treasure or even like skies full of star...the effect of the light and the crystal around the shop is impressive.

 Mirror Image

Wish upon the starssss

Salzburg will be our following destination and it is also the hometown of the legendary composer or musician 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Famous silhouette
Mozart is one of the most influential people in the world of music in classical era or even now. 
We get to visit his resident, his working place and know some history about him.
He was from a pretty interesting family.
When you are in Salzburg, you can never miss Mozart as Salzburg really idolize him to the point they name a chocolate under Mozart.....i guess that is for marketing purpose,haha!.

Cafe Mozart
This is the cafe name after Mozart,it is nicely decorate with red color there were even live band playing when we were there. 

Eat music,live music
This is the bread that was make into the shape of violin 
which is also one of the music instrument that Mozart master in.
Aside from that,Salzburg is also famous for being the place where "Sound of Music" is shot.
There,you will be able to see the set where the movie was shot.
The fans of sound of music will be very delighted to see the familiar building from the movie such as the Mirabell Palace and  the Mirabell Garden.
The non fans will be delighted too as they are really beautiful.


A statue outside of the Mirabell palace

the sound of street music
Street performer in the Mirabell garden
We are quite lucky as the day when we are there, they are having some celebration which i am not sure what it is. Anyway, they are a lot of tent selling food and drink and some Austria products.....It like a food fair.
So what else to do but to join in the fun. Cheers!!

giant salmon

This is how big the salmon fish is.It is the first time i ate salmon in the whole and it is really nice.delicious,thinking about it now make me hungry...
We also went to the Hohensalzburg Fortress or more know as the Salzburg castle.
we are require to take a vernicular train to reach the castle
From the top of the castle, you will be able to see the panorama view of Salzburg.
The view from the top is great!!


Shadow of the sun

After we enjoy the great view, we will have to take the vernicular train down back to the town center again.

Nockerl Soufflee
This is the famous dessert from Salzburg. It have meringue on top and hot berry sauce on the bottom. The people who like sweet food will definitely in fond of this dessert as it is really sweet and can be filling.

Lastly before we go back to St.Gallen, We also went to the Lake of Konigsee which again i will say it is beautiful.  I will describe it as a serene and calm place with great view and a a lot of duck waiting for you in the dock.haha!


Playing with physic
This is a person showing us that the music that he play from the trumpet will be continue by the alps (or hill??i am not sure,haha ) surrounding the lake. So when he play the melody toward the alps  later there will be the same melody playing from the alps...Is basically the the echo...some how he request tips for that.bravo!


 Kiss my butt

On the way back, we also pass through Munich so we took this opportunity to have a walk inside Munich.
Some how with the time that we have, we only went to the Dutsche Museum.
Dutsche Museum is huge and you can see the history of any kind of engine from car to copper (when it come to Germany,I would say engine is their pride),  astronomy, textile and so on so forth.

Build to Unbuild
FYI : this is not a rocket that fly you to the moon,this is a V2 rocket that is use to bomb opponent in war

Finally, we are back to St.Gallen and travelling using car is way different compare to travelling by train.
A nice trip and I hope you enjoy this post. There will be more coming next. Good day!!


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