Friday, 15 November 2013

Icon of Penang : Penang Bridge

Penang Bridge

Hello guys, my previous sunrise was not a very successful one.
It turn out to be cloudy and that is bad enough
do click the link below to check out my previous sun hunting : 
But we must not give up easily,
So, i try again,haha...well is very simple, 
If you fail once,try again, and again and again till you success.
As a Penangite, how can I not captured photo of Penang bridge.
Is like a culture for Penangite photobug to capture Penang bridge.
So must follow,hahaha......
Anyway that I am just crapping.
There are no such culture as far as I know
Nevertheless, subject of the day will awesome Penang bridge.
Furthermore, the Penang bridge annual event, the Penang bridge Marathon will be held in this week.
So, let build some spirit for the runner by show them their beautiful running path :)
Since, is sun hunting, I went there at 6 (so sleepy) and capture some photo of the dawn.
and waited until 8 something.
So, the photo captured will have different ambient due to the different amount of sunlight available.

Next, in this photo shoot, I also forgotten to turn on the RAW mode so all the photo are captured JPEG.
In fact some of the photo post here are Straight out of camera
(I cannot really remember which are SOOC since all are pretty similar)
They look just good so why not :)
This is another post to show the power of JPEG from Fuji X-E1 :)


So what do you think about it :)


Blue hour (The construction side in front of Penang bridge)

Row row row your boat, gently under the bridge

Penang bridge(BW)
This is the same photo with the top with different treatment.
So which is better? Colout or not colour?

That is all from Penang bridge
For the runner that join the Penang Bridge marathon 2013 which is held this sunday,
Are you ready to conquer this beautiful bridge which is also 
the fifth longest bridge in southeast Asia.
Good luck and bye
Happy running!!

( PS: there are actually an official song for this year marathon.
maybe you should turn on the song and listen to it while looking at the picture again
to build some running spirit :) )


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