Friday, 7 March 2014

Back to the streets after sometime


Hello people,Good day. It has been a while since i last post streets photo. 
I have been posting portrait photo for the last three post and now is time to back to the streets.
As usual,I traveled to the places and started to shoot but suddenly I found it to be so hard to start photographing. So, what is the problem??

(This is the only photo that I captured for previous photowalk due to lack of inspiration)

1. After doing portrait for few weeks which is arrange photoshoot, I start to feel fear to photograph strangers. Suddenly I felt like weird and dangerous to photograph stranger. Maybe I am just being paranoid. Suddenly I felt like I miss the moment when I am in Europe because when I am there, I will just capture the photo of the strangers like I am in my own world. With the thought that I am an Asian tourist, it give me some powerful strength and courage to capture any thing with my camera since I will be seem as incomplete to the eye of the local without a camera. So maybe, I should think like a tourist even for the next street photo session...I need the strength :)

2. Suddenly, everything is like not really interesting and dull. Maybe, It is really the truth that everything is boring and not interesting. Since I had already been there for so many times. Furthermore it was a quiet day for that particular days. The street is rather empty and silent. Again, it remind of my time in Europe when I started to captured streets photo like crazy. Back then, everything was interesting, even the price of the Coca-cola is interesting (The coke is interesting because it is really expensive). Of course, that happen because I am the new boy in town. Along the time, the level of interesting decreases as well. But we must remember one thing, Yes we might feel bored of certain thing as we keep repeating again and again but that doesn't mean we cannot produce good work. That is because even if we are familiar with the places, there might be some viewer out there that are not familiar with the places and the event. Furthermore, we can also change our perspective and idea to make our photo more interesting that will even attract the local of that particular places. With thought in mind, I believe we might be able to produce better and more engaging streets photo. I think some of the example will be like wedding photo. The professional photographer will do a lot of wedding photo along their career. They will be repeating the same thing again, and again and again and as human, We tend to feel bored about it after some time. But you must remember that every wedding session that the photographer conduct is a new and awesome experience for the new family. Other then that, the photographer will also have to come out with new idea and perspective to make their work more interesting in order to survive in the market. Hence, at the end of the day, we have to think about our viewer and also our own idea and perspective. 

Anyway, this is just personal opinion. I hope next photowalk will be better. NeverthelessI did manage to snap a few photo along the way.Check it out :)

He is a very kind person that give food as charity to the less fortunate people under the name of Maha-Mantr Community services. They will deliver the food using to Jalan Kapitan Keling at 5pm from monday to saturday using the Hare Krsna "Meals-on- wheel" can and distribute them to the less fortunate people around there. Such act of kindness should be practice more in days like this.

Cleaning process

wait wait wait

capturing the light


That all for this post,hope you like it.
Do stay tuned for more great work to come.
Bye and have a good day ahead.

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