Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ex off island #25 (Compilation) : Bern and onion festival

Panaromic view of  Bern

Post of the day will be another post for Ex off island series.
First of all, I would like to remind you that these photo are captured at the Nov 2012.
These photos are the latest photo but the moment captured are still as beautiful as always and that is the power of photography.
Location of the day will be Bern,Switzerland
Bern is also the capital of Switzerland.
On that particular day when I am there, they are also celebrating Onion Festival.
I am not very sure what is the exact name but basically is about Onion.
Anyway,Bern is definitely a very beautiful city. Enjoy!!

This photo is captured in St.Gallen.
It is captured before we travel to Bern by train.

A photo captured from within St.Gallen train station.
After this,the rest of the photo below will be the photo captured in Bern, Switzerland. :)

Bern Zytglogge Clock (Astrological clock) with mechanical animation.

Panoramic view of Bern from the top of the church

Panoramic view from the top of the church

Attack the bear
Bear is also like an important animal for Bern. 
There also a bear pit that is open for the public view.

This is the Federal Palace of Switzerland from the back.
Federal Palace of Switzerland is also the where the Swiss Federal Assembly and Federal council are housed.

Sorry for the cable there but i believe is still a great image aside from the cable distraction.

Onion Party
Basically is like a fair that sell Onion. Almost all the store there are selling onion.
Of course there are some that are selling Gluhwein which is also hot wine
since it is already winter back then.
There will also be some people throwing confetti at you and knocking you with a toy hammer.
But is just for the fun of it so no offence.
At the end of the day, you will literally smell like an onion too. 


The train station if Bern.

So that all for Bern and the onion Festival.
By the way, all the photo are captured with Fuji X10.
It is indeed one very capable small camera that can still impressed me 
every time I look back at the photo Fuji X10 produced.
Anyway,that all for this post.
Do stay tuned for more.
Good day and God bless for every bad incident that happen is the present.


  1. Nice pics, Meng! It makes me want to visit!


  2. Thanks Patrick....go check it awesome there :)

  3. made it a great place!



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