Monday, 26 January 2015

MY Photo : MY 2014 review

A Japanese touch

Hello everyone. Post of the day will be about my review of my 2014.
2014 was already over almost a month but I think is never to late to review it. Last year is the year I focus a lot on portrait and streets photography. Most of my portrait session are done with speed light or flash photography. I started to be focus more on flash photography. I started from one flash  then to two flashes and currently three flashes. I started from one Yong Nuo 560 and now I have three Yong Nuo 560 flashes which is one Yong Nuo 560 mark 2 and two 560 mark 3. Of course there are also multiple flash modifier and flash stands which are very essential for flash photography. So all this is what I call MY mini flash system. I also invested in a few lenses this year such as the Helios 44m 58mm 2.0, Super Takumar f1.4, Fujinon 18-55 2.8-4 and also Fujinon 23mm 1.4. I am still using the same old Fuji X-E1 but my system do grow a lot compare to last year and that do make huge difference. Still loving my Fuji system but still hating the quirks in the camera though.LOL....but it will get the job done at the end of the day.  

 Next, a lot of my portrait session are based on the theme of lost and nature. Lost is definitely not a positive feeling but then it do provide me inspiration to a lot of my photoshoot in 2014. Most of my photoshoot also connected to nature such as tree,stone,river,sea and so on. They would provide some feeling of lost or serenity which I am searching for. Next, I also tried some element that is more different and might be dangerous such as tree and river which is to provide more diversity for the setting in my photoshoot.  Of course there are also other type of portrait photo along the year such as fashion shoot, in door shot and so on.Not to forget I also work with multiple models and friend that are very professional and awesome. I also did collaboration with a few party to produce some beautiful and fun work. Along 2014, I experimented with different type of lighting style and trying to find the suitable lighting style to set a feel and emotion on every photoshoot. I believe lighting is definitely one important element in photography or maybe the most important since photography is about capturing of light anyway. I learn a lot from all the photoshoot I did and all the people I work with so I would like to thanks all those that work with me and supported me along 2014 and I also hope I did share something with all of you too. Enjoy some of my work below and check out here if are interested to check out all my portrait work.

The collection of my portrat photoshoot in 2014

Other then portraits photoshoot, I also did a lot of streets photography. Most of my streets photography are done in the event that is held in Penang. My aim in streets photography would mostly aim on emotion or happiness from the streets and also different composition style. Most of the time, I was attracted to capture kids and children because their happiness are very real and pure. Maybe also because they wont probably beat me up after I snap them. LOL. Of course,happiness does not only come from kids and they happen to adult as well. I am also attracted to odd thing that happen or available in the streets but what I find odd or special will be very subjective and different from one person to another and that is how it become special. Below will be my streets photos collection in 2014.

2014 streets photo collection


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