Saturday, 7 March 2015

Stories from the streets : 2015 Chinese new year event in Penang

Good day and post of the day will be stories from the streets for my photowalk
in Georgetown, Penang during the 2015 Chinese New year event.
This will be more of streets photography along the event but this time I tried with a different approach. Normally, streets photography is about capturing candid photo,sudden photo or people. Is mostly on fast pace photo where we captured the emotion or candid of a people in split moment.
Is all about capturing the moment. However, this time, I tried with different approach. Instead of going fast, let go slow, lets go really slow. Going slow mean long exposure. So in this case, I will be capturing streets photo or event photo with long exposure. From what I notice, long exposure are mostly carry out by landscape photographer and architecture photographer. The purpose of it is to get the smooth flow of water, cloud and so on. The motion will create a dynamic motion while the building or landscape remain strong. So this time, I would like to take long exposure and get motion of the people. I would like to get the similar effect of dynamic movement of the streets while getting my subject standing out strong. Maybe, this should be more on urban exploration photo but well, it depend how you like it then. Anyway, there will be also some other streets photo along the way.
The entire shoot is done with a Fuji X-E1,Fujinon XF 18-55,Fujinon XF 35mm 1.4 and a tripod.Anyway, Enjoy the slow moment on the streets.

lost in our time

Master of paper cutting


Motion of time

That is all for this post.
Hope you enjoy the motion of the streets.

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