Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Adventure in the waterfall

The last portrait post from me was about me myself and it quite long ago.
So I think is time for a new portrait session. This time, let do something crazy and get adventurous.
So let see how crazy I can go. Previously, I tried putting my model on top of a tree,into the river,into between some stone but it is still not enough. I wish for more because I think there are much more to be explored and express and finally I came out with this Idea. 
Lets create something like a scene from the movie or movie poster. These day, movie poster are often very dramatic and powerful. We are also filled with a lot of action packed movie and it definitely make me thinking on re-create some of the awesome scene.
So, let's begin this action portrait session. Next, I am lucky enough to find a great model,
Anelice but I am not sure if she is ready for was she sign up for.hahaha.
At the end of the day, I can say that she is an awesome model.
The great news continue because for this photoshoot I also found a great make up artist to work with and she is Melody which is also one of my model for my previous photoshoot.
Action and adventure will be the main theme of the shoot and I think a waterfall will be great enough to fulfilled the condition of action and adventure. 
Now that we know the location will be a waterfall, one important task on that day will be to convince my model to be comfortable enough to pose and move under the waterfall and be wet. Not to forget, it will be very cold as well. With that, we are have everything and ready for this photoshoot.
The entire photoshoot is done with Fuji X-E1 with Fujinon 35mm 1.4 and the Fujinon 18-55.
The lighting was done by using two Yong Nuo flashes but is sad that one the the flash batteries die off in the middle of the shoot and I miss out one set of the batteries. 
However, the show still goes on with only one flash. Let's get wet.

So, this is it for this photoshoot. I love the effect from the photo and working together with
Anelice and also Melody. At the end of the day,  Anelice was all wet and cold, and it was also very dangerous when she move and pose in the waterfall and she did it gracefully and beautifully.
Of course, I end up wet as well and along the photoshoot as to show posing and to get close up shot since my lens are not long enough.
Anyway, I love this crazy photoshoot and will definitely try more.


  1. Superb work, love the dramatic look.
    Can I please ask which model Yongnuo flash and triggers you are using - for Canon or Nikon model? If you can post a link that woul be a real help. I am also using a Fuji X-E1. Thanks.

    1. thanks, thanks,glad u enjoy it,i am using Yong Nuo 560 mark3,mrk4 and Yong Nuo 560 TX for canon :)
      Do you think is good if i make a Behind the scene?>

    2. Thanks for the info. Yes behind the scenes is great idea. I'll be interested to see light position, type of modifier etc. ☺

    3. thanks,will think about it :)

  2. Hi Meng,

    I love this set of photos. Keep up the great work!



    1. hello Patrick, This was very long ago,haha...Glad you enjoy it :)



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