Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Shooting in the middle of night with some dust and dance

Dancer had always been a very good model to shoot and work with in a photoshoot.
Most of them are always cheerful and active and that is definitely a good criteria for modelling.
I am always looking for a chance to work with a dancer and this time, 
I am lucky enough to found one as my model. Model of the day will Glades which is also a dancer.
For this photoshoot, my aim would be to deliver of strong and powerful feeling.
Modern dance are actually quite powerful most of the time so this fit the idea perfectly.
Next, I always experiment with different lighting, environment and emotion. 
Hence, I also would like to try something new and along my idea search,
I found out powder photoshoot. Powder photoshoot is basically photoshoot thats uses powder as a medium of expression. Combining powder with modern dance is awesome.
From the lighting wise, I would like to try something dramatic. 
So I would like to shoot at dark area because I would like to use the dark surrounding to
make the powder effect more dramatic and clear. Next, a darker area can also create more contrast for the model and he motion of the dance. However, I did not have a dark and huge studio so
my solution is to find an open area in the middle of the town that is not well illuminated and I successfully found such area. That area is great because, it is dark, wide open and it has a quite dramatic surrounding. However, the light coloured wall is bit of a pain.
Since the place is all dark, the entire shoot will only be lit by using my flash.
Hence, this photoshoot is also a form of light painting and the light coloured wall
will cause reflection and affect the result of the photo and that is the reason why the light coloured wall is pain in the a**. Since we want a dark surrounding, we shot at night
and it was quite late. So this photoshoot was rather short but enough to get the job done.
The photoshoot is done with Fujifilm X-E1 and Fujinon 18-55 along with flashes.
Before, the photos, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Glades and also 
Foo Tong for helping me out. This photoshoot would never work out without them.
They are awesome powder thrower and dancer.
Enjoy my little experiment :)

This look like she have magic,cool

Jump higher

Since, I ran out of powder I also tried some stroboscopic motion photo since the surrounding are quite suitable. But the light coloured wall cause reflection of light created ghosting effect.
Anyway, the photos turn out pretty interesting but tired out the model.

 So that is all for this photoshoot. I hope you can feel the powerful emotion of these photos.
Other then that, we should also feel the Glades and Foo Tong emotion,
because they are all covered in the powder after the photoshoot,haha. Chao.

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