Saturday, 25 July 2015

The fastest photoshoot I did. : The big Sea

Every photographer are searching for the best time of the day with the best light for a photoshoot and so am I. Most of the time, I would opt for sunrise but most of the time, we are just a little too late.
Maybe this is planing issue and discipline, my bad. Anyway, even if we reach in time, the sunrise or the golden hour effect are rather short and it will be over once after the set up is ready. No good.
Good news is,we went even earlier this time and we manage to catch up to the golden hour. The model of the day is Chooi Sean which we work before previously in Dying Art : Silence. Photoshoot of the day is done at the beach area and the location will not allow us to capture direct sunrise but the idea is to capture the effect and the light spilt from the sun along the sunrise. This is the time when everything start to get crazy because, our early, is still not early enough.
When we reach, it was exactly the golden hour and we get to see the awesome beautiful light. So, we need to set up the light, get the right location and prepare everything fast because as we know, the golden hour does not really last for one hour, it end pretty fast. The wave on that day was also rather strong which is good but also bad. Is good because that is exactly what I want to have but bad as it will make my model wet and making the entire photoshoot more messy. So I would really give a big thanks to my model Chooi Sean for her cooperative and courage to make this photoshoot happen. So as result, she is all bath in sea water and hit by crazy wave in early morning. That is not all, after a short period of time for shooting and getting the right set up, the weather start to change and start to drizzle. So now things get worst, we need to move even faster and next, me and my camera was also partially hit by the wave as I am trying to get a shot from low angle and finally the rain begin to fall. So, I guess is time to go because we still need some time to keep my lighting and stuff in order to save them from the rain. That is all for this photoshoot and all this happen within 30-45 minutes only hence this is definitely mark my fastest photoshoot ever. Anyhow, we still manage to get some photo even under that situation and pressure.The entire photoshoot is done with Fuji X-E1 and 23mm 1.4 along with a Yong Nuo Flash. I am glad to say Fuji X-E1 manage to survive through this. Enjoy!

This turn out to be a little bit blur but I love the feeling, So it alright.

The Moral of the photoshoot is, plan properly and go to the location much earlier. Also remember to inform your model if there are possibility she will be wet so she will be prepared mentally and physically. She was unprepared for this but due to her professionalism, we manage to make the photoshoot happen. One more thing, some assistance would be great,haha.Good day.


  1. Another great set of images, Meng! Thanks for sharing them with us!



    1. Thanks Patrick, Glad you enjoy it :)
      stay tuned for more



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