Friday, 18 March 2016

Night time streets photo with Fujifilm X-E1 | Are the Older generation of Fujifilm X series irrelavant?

The post will be some streets photo that was captured at night during the annual Chinese New year event in Penang. This was captured quite sometime back but the photo still remain very relevant because my streets photo us never about live reporting but recording of the event and story in the streets to allow if to stay forever. It is also to share some of my view on the streets which I am in and share the feeling, atmosphere idea and visual of what is feel like. The best is it make you feel,and think as if you were there or you want to be there. Anyway enjoy this series of stories from the streets at night for Chinese New Year Event. There is a Gear talk will be at the end of the series :)

Gear Talk:
This series of photo is captured using X-E1 with Fujinon lens such as 10-24mm,23mm and 56mm.
From this series, the night shot seem pretty good and able to handle things quite well. This was shot before the announcement of Fuji X Pro 2. Now that I have the Fuji X Pro 2. Does this make the Fuji X-E1 or the first generation of Fujifilm mirrorless irrelevant? Well, from the result of this series, I think NO. Fujifilm X-E1 is older, slower, less megapixel but I believe this result of the photos still show that the OLD boy is very must capable of getting the job done. I have been even more awesome work in the Net using this old boy. Since the beginning, the image Quality of Fuji X-E1 is always pretty much a benchmark in mirrorless camera. In addition of that, let's hope Fujifilm continue to support the old X series generation with their Kaizen philosophy. This is actually good for Fujifilm sales since they can further improve their share market in mirrorless market without introducing any new camera. They can attract more new user, expand the market and continue to milk from their old product since Kaizen is like putting more steroid on old camera to make it more powerful and able to sell it at lower price since already over the product maturity stage. This also include the second hand  market where the new user will continue to buy more awesome Fujinon Lens. So as conclusion for now is Fuji X-E1 or any older generation X series is definitely still relevant and probably a good time to get a used X-E1 and X-E2 ( Since X-E2 is pretty much X-E1 on speed pill so it will improve the usability) for awesome pricing and usability. Good Day.

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