Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Dramatic Cross Colour fashion style photoshoot with X Pro 2

This will be among my first few portrait photoshoot session with my new X Pro 2 so it is rather exciting. Photoshoot of the day will be more on fashion style and colour play.
This photoshoot is inspired by the movie of Mad Max with extreme colour play especially on night scene. The extreme colour definitely are pushing the dramatic feel of the scene much more daring environment and this will be the idea. Another inspiration will be from an awesome photographer, Jake Hicks which create really awesome work from integrating dramatic colour and gel lighting into the fashion style portrait. How he create dramatic expression and colour from her awesome model are beautiful. Model of the day is Debra. This is the first time we work together but she was an awesome model to work with and of course feeling tired along the entire photoshoot. Also not to forget a great makeup artist Melody that create magic on that day to make the photoshoot even more dramatic and powerful. This is definitely an awesome team to bring out the best of everyone in the shoot.
So, let put some colour into the shoot and make it glow...
The gear talk will be at the end :)

Melody too

Gear Talk :
This photoshoot is shot with Fuji X-Pro 2 and 23mm 1.4 and 56mm 1.2 along with set of Yong Nuo flashes and colour gel. X Pro 2 do provide the advantages of 1/250 sync speed since most of the flash is lit with Flash. Most of the shot is also shot at iso 100 which is the lowest ISO we can get in X Pro 2 but the difference compare to X-E1 will be the ISO 100 will have Raw file instead of only JPEG.
That is very nice of X-Pro 2. The AF speed wont make much difference here since there are not much moving but from the shoot. Anyway it get the job done in a very nice way.

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